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It’s that time of year again. March Madness is upon us! The next several weekends will be spent praising the buzzer beater, yearning for overtime, cheering for underdogs and cursing bracket busters.

This is that time of year where any one can become a bracketologist, it doesn’t matter if you follow NCAA men’s basketball on a regular basis or not. Pick your bracket based on which mascot you like better, team colors, travel distance or any other crazy formula you can create. Make sure to have your bracket entered before games begin on Thursday.

You are invited to join the #slpeeps and #AuDpeeps from twitter for a friendly bracket contest WITH PRIZE(S)!

ESPN Bracket Page

Prizes will be of the winners choosing from the overall prize working down the list from 1st to nth based on number of prizes. (Of course you retain the right to defer your prize to the next place finisher if you so desire)

@lessonpix (www.lessonpix.com) is offering a pack of 3 subscriptions
@aubankaitis of OakTree Products is offering a Firefly wireless video otoscope!!!!

And last, but not least, a set of steak knives! (JK, but if anyone wants to offer an additional prize let @cmcniece or @azspeechguy know on twitter!)

Note: Language NSFW