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For today’s HealthKwest task, I did a brief interview with my father. At times over the years his weight has gone up, but I’ve also seen him be very successful in getting back into shape and losing some of that weight.

1. You’ve always been fairly healthy but I remember times where you feel you’ve gained a little weight and successfully worked out and eaten healthier to lose said weight. The most notable one I remember is you fitting back in your wedding suit for your 15th wedding anniversary. What was the key to your success in that instance?

extrememly high MOTIVATION – with short term, fixed time  – COMMITMENT.  seems silly.  LONG TERM HEALTH should be way more important than fitting into a particular suit on a particular day.  the suit was a goal that i shared with mom.  but renewing vows was a surprise that i thought would mean a lot to her, and be a blessing to our relationship.  i really, really wanted to make it work.  the renewal would have been just as nice without the suit.  but it came to be symbolic to me in a way that i really, really wanted. 

2. Why do you feel that people often yoyo with exercise and weight loss?

takes time, consistent effort.  much more immediate gratification from eating what i want and relaxing.  limiting what i eat and getting appropriate exercise generally are not immediately rewarding.

choosing to “self medicate” stress/frustration/pain (from any number of “life” sources) with FOOD & COUCH, rather than with exercise.  gets to be habit very quickly. 

3. What is the hardest part for you when trying to lose weight?

sticking with it.  being consistent for LONG TERM with BOTH diet and exercise  

4. I’ve struggled with consistency in both diet and exercise, what suggestions or tips would you give me?

be bold in asking for help, sharing goals, making commitments

find & keep finding short term goals – events – … that are effective motivators for you.  reward yourself.

regularly read about diet and exercise benefits – be well educated.  be clear, convinced that you are taking serious health risk in being significantly overweight – heart, stroke, diabetes, … and much, much more

do you want to enjoy a long healthy life with kristi & kids & service in God’s kingdom?

believe that you have a serious stewardship responsibility to take good care of the health God has blessed you with

5. What’s your favorite exercise or  way to work out?

running (jogging slowly).  it is effective in burning calories for me when i get up to 4 to 6 miles, 4 or 5 days per week.  i enjoy the peace/solitude/reflection/alone time of running. 

6. How important do you think leading an active lifestyle is (especially for someone like you who “dislikes” visiting the doctor?)

i believe i exercise is good for me.  how big a role it plays in general good health & doctor avoidance i have enjoyed – no way to know???? 

7. How do you find balance between the time necessary to exercise and eat healthy and balancing work and family responsibilities?

healthy eating is generally NOT time consuming for me.  toasted oats = same prep time as bowl of ice cream.  salad from aldi bag = same prep time as second serving of meat.  chicken = same prep time as beef.

time to run = right now some of that is good hannah time.  time to run = mom has been generous to support me in that when i have put the effort in & made the commitment and asked for her help. 

8. What’s your favorite healthy snack? And your favorite unhealthy snack?

healthy = fresh fruit (bananas, apples, oranges, watermelon, cant., …)  … in moderation

unhealthy = daily LARGE bowl of ice cream  (small, once a week = healthy.  but that’s not what i want)

Mom has been a wonderful role model for me.  She has walked so incredibly faithfully.  And she generally eats incredibly healthfully.  Her example has been a big part of me not getting further off track than i have.  And working to get better back on track periodically.  She has always encouraged me.  She has never been a nag about it.  I am blessed to have her example, support and encouragement.