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One of the great things about Genghis Grill is the variety that is possible. With as many ingredients as they have available, you could go quite a long time without eating the same thing twice. OR you can do what I do and eat almost the same thing every time. There really is something for everyone. Genghis experiments with limited time ingredients to add a little extra variety to things. The current limited time only ingredient is pulled pork which is honestly one of my favorite proteins. I eat it almost every day. Living in Memphis, I have eaten quite a bit of delicious pulled pork and this is pretty high quality stuff. I was talking with Charlene, one of the managers at my store and she informed me that sadly, pulled pork is nearing the end of the line. She was supposed to find out its replacement last night, but their managers meeting was moved, so hopefully later this week I’ll learn what the new ingredient is. In the meantime, I’ll make sure to make the most of the pulled pork’s limited remaining time.