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Genghis grill offers several varieties of starches to accompany your bowl. White rice, fried rice, pasta, noodles, tortillas and brown rice. I have always eaten white rice or udon noodles at Genghis and when making rice at home always use white rice. I had never had brown rice before. I tried it in my bowl today and in combination with the meat, vegetables and sauce I noticed zero taste difference which was a pleasant surprise.


I was curious what the difference between white and brown rice was so I turned to Google. I quickly learned that brown rice has the bran and germ which are typically removed in the milling process to create white rice. Similarly, white flour has had its bran and germ removed while whole grain flour leaves them intact. Looking at overall nutrition, there doesn’t seem to be much difference between white and brown rice. The difference lies in mineral content. The milling process strips away many of the trace minerals and vitamins (such as magnesium and zinc) which are found in the bran and germ. This leads to the enriching process as we hear of enriched flour and enriched white rice in which some of those minerals and vitamins are added back. The removal of germ and bran also decreases fiber content in processed grains.

WebMD actually references a 2010 study which showed brown rice to possibly have an impact on reducing type two diabetes.