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As I finish my third week in HealthKwest, I look back on the past three weeks and assess myself. I’ve made some good choices about my diet and some not so good choices with how consistent I’ve been in exercising. I’ve definitely got a lot of room to improve. One aspect off HealthKwest I wasn’t expecting was stress. GG had a clue since they supplied me with an awesome little stress ball. I frequently get asked if I’m sick of eating at genghis. I can honestly say that I’m not, BUT that doesn’t mean it’s not stressful. Once I get there I’m great but there are days when I leave work when I’d just love to go home and eat dinner with my wife, but because I don’t get enough time at lunch and it be over an hour to drive home and then back to genghis I need to go everyday after week. The weekends are a little more flexible but I still need to pay attention not letting tbe whole day slip away from me. The social media calendar is also a little stressful, I need to constantly be paying attention to upcoming tasks.

As a grad student I’m used to stress, the past the years have been a balancing act of clinic, class, family and professional boards I’ve been on. Unfortunately, I would deal with stress by eating a lot of the time. Obviously that was bad for my waste, so I’ve been trying to find some healthier options. A really good one if things aren’t too busy is to pop outside for some fresh air briefly. There are many windows in our building I see out of but the rooms I spend most of my time in are windowless. Sometimes just taking a break and changing tasks can relieve stress as well. The other favorite activity for reducing stress is exercising. I recently signed up for intramural basketball at my university for the first time in a few years. This has been pleasantly refreshing and I always leave feeling clarity and refreshment. I can’t wait for warmer spring weather to get here and stay. We’ve had a few warm days and I’ve been able to enjoy some bike rides- fresh air plus exercise is always great!