Yesterday’s social media task for #HealthKwest was to take a picture of my bowl with OneHope Wine. This was my first time hearing of OneHope. They are apparently a socially conscious company that donates half of the profits from each bottle of wine to a non-profit specific to each wine variety. OneHope is a very gracious sponsor of #HealthKwest sending each participant a gift card to its online store. Thanks!

2014-02-25 17.03.15


As a continuation of yesterday’s task and in line with getting healthy, we were tasked with investigating the health benefits of red wine. This is something you hear about in the news and online quite frequently but is it really that beneficial? After some research it appears the answer is maybe. Looking at both the Mayo Clinic and WebMD websites it appears the data are mixed. The key ingredient is an antioxidant called “resveritrol” found in the skin of red grapes. Studies involving mice give doses of resveratrol showed improved heart health, however these doses were the equivalent of a human drinking 1000 gallons of red wine, a behavior I think we all agree would be unhealthy. The American Heart Association also has a reference page that aligns with the other two sites. Overall, it appears that there may be some benefits, but none of the sites recommend starting to drink red wine just for the health benefits if you’re a non-drinker, but if you do choose to consume alcohol in responsible quantities, red wine is a great choice. I look forward to seeing what research in the future.

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