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Goals are something that help us achieve our dreams. I have some big health and fitness goals for 2014 and I’m also setting goals for #HealthKwest to help me achieve my yearly goals.

My goals for 2014  include:

  1. Lose 75 pounds – this will put me in the vicinity of 215-220 which should be a fairly healthy weight for me. When I hit this goal I’ll reassess and see if I need to lose any more. This will also help get my blood pressure and cholesterol under control (they’ve both been high in the past)
  2. Complete a Sprint triathlon – I think this represents a great combination of strength and endurance and combines several activities I like – swimming and cycling – with one I don’t really enjoy- running. But I’ve heard if you like two of the three triathlon sports you can suffer through the third.
  3. Complete a half-marathon – St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital is the beneficiary of a Marathon/Half-Marathon/5k in Memphis each December. I had the opportunity to spend a semester in the audiology clinic there. It was an eye opening experience and I’d like to give back to them.
  4. Fit into a size 36 pants – this was the size I wore my freshman year of college. I’m currently about a 42. It would be nice to back in that size again.

For #HealthKwest

  1. I’d like to lose at least 40 pounds – Weight loss is the name of the game for this contest and this will give me a great kickstart on the way to my yearly goal.
  2. Alter my eating habits – I have a tendency to overeat. I like to eat. My calorie intake balloons out of control sometimes. I’m going to use MyFitnessPal to track my calories and help keep my intake under control.
  3. Run 5 miles- The longest I’ve ever without stopping is during a 5k (3.1 miles). I’d like to see if I can get up to 5 miles but the end of #HealthKwest. That gets me a great start on half-marathon training.

This is a picture of me in high school. A way before picture I’d like to get back towards



And here’s a recent picture of where I am now