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In case you haven’t heard on Twitter or Facebook yet, I am participating in Genghis Grill’s 2014 HealthKwest competition. There are a multitude of social media challenges throughout the competition.

This evening I present the Top 5 Reasons I love Genghis Grill

5. Veggies- Genghis has a wide variety of vegetables available to go in each bowl. We always hear that color in our diet is great. My bowls always end up with a lot of green. Gotta pack in those vitamin rich vegetables.



4. MEATS – Who doesn’t like meat? Actually, a lot of people don’t like or choose not to eat meat. I’m not one of those people. Maybe a better title would be protein, but I’m sticking with MEATS. For the non-carnivores there is a 3 bean mix that I imagine is protein packed. Tofu is also available. I’ll be making a tofu bowl at some point, but let’s get back to meat. Your three primary meats are covered in multiple variations – beef (sliced beef and sirloin tips), pork (smoked/pulled variety and regular cubed), and chicken (regular or spicy marinated). There are also some great seafood options. There is a whitefish I still need to try, but two of my favorites- calimari and scallops- have been in most of my bowls so far. I’m a little bummed that the pulled pork is a limited time item. It’s quickly risen to become one of my favorites! Paired with reason 3 on my list…

3. SPICE – GG has a plethora of sauces and seasonings available ranging from savory to spicy. I have been hanging out at the spicy end of the spectrum using cayenne, cajun seasoning, and red pepper flakes paired with the Dragon sauce to really kick up the heat in my bowls. One must be careful with salt content in both some of the dry seasonings and sauces but with moderation I can stay at an acceptable sodium level. Back to spices and pulled pork, living in Memphis you might say I have an affinity for BBQ. My pulled pork bowls always have an Asian BBQ feel to them. Probably why I love them so much. Srirachi makes the perfect condiment.

2014-02-13 16.54.18

2. Recipes – For when I run out of creativity, GG has a wide variety of recipes already written. Just grab a recipe card as you go through the line and it lets you know exactly what to grab. Keeping with the theme of HealthKwest, there’s even a line of Heart Healthy Bowls

1. The staff!!! The life or death of any restaurant is the staff. I’ve gotten to meet some great GG employees, hopefully after 60 days I’ll have most of the names figured out. From the GM to the shift managers, from the servers to the grillmasters, everyone has been incredibly friendly this first week. I look forward to continuing to receive their support and encouragement.

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