It is now midway through the first semester of my externship and things are moving right along. I’m spending my 4th year at a local ENT clinic here in Memphis which has 5 ENTs and 3 AuD at 2 locations. As such, I’m getting to see a quite diverse case load, both in the patients the ENTs send over for diagnostic testing and in the established hearing aid patients. We aren’t a high volume (but it is fairly steady) hearing aid practice and it is definitely an area in which we all are hoping to see some growth.

I had to delay my start date due to a small accident in which I partially amputated my little toe on my right foot, not one of my finer moments needless to say. If you ever think kicking a lawn mower is a good idea, I suggest you turn it off first. Obviously that impeded my driving ability so I had to postpone my starting by about 2 weeks and then spent the next 2 weeks wearing a boot around the office. It made for a wonderful conversation starter with patients. (If you want pictures, leave a comment and I’ll share the links with you.)

What do I hope to accomplish on the blog over the next year? Well the 4th year experience is something I hope to write about regularly. So keep an eye open for more in the Tales of a 4th Year Extern series. I’m hoping to attend a few conferences over the year and I hope blog more about those. I also am going to explore some guest posts and even have the first one lined up. Another topic for discussion will be the future of audiology, legislation, professional organizations and the like.

PS: Bonus points for the 1st commenter familiar with the inspiration behind my title!