Update and Resolution at the bottom

I used SuperShuttle for my ground transportation between LAX and the Anaheim convention center for AudiologyNOW! 2013. While my actual travel was uneventful, I had a nightmare of a time with a SuperShuttle dispatcher over a small mix-up regarding my return trip to the airport. Below is a copy of what I submitted via their customer feedback form. Use this as a cautionary tale to always double check reservations and an example of not to treat employees and customers on the phone:


“I was given a shuttle arrival time of 10:05-10:20am for pickup at The Clarion Hotel near the Anaheim Covention Center. When a  SuperShuttle Van arrived at approximately 10:10, I believed it was my shuttle. There was another guest waiting for the same shuttle. The driver arrived and indicated he had reservations for a group of 1 (the other guest) and a group of 2 (myself and my classmate). There were no other guests in the lobby at that time waiting for a shuttle. As we were driving to the next pickup point he was clarifying payment methods. He indicated that our reservation was to be paid in cash. This was where I was first aware there may have been some misunderstanding. I pulled up my reservation number and he called the dispatch line and handed the phone to me. I gave my reservation number to the dispatcher who immediately informed me in an extremely rude tone that I was on the wrong shuttle and that it should be arriving at hotel and that if I were already on the other shuttle I’d be required to pay this driver upon arrival at the airport and that my reservation would be considered a “no-show” and my scheduled driver would not be compensated despite the fact I had pre-paid my actual reservation implying that the entire situation was my fault.

At this point my driver took the phone back and tried to discuss the situation with the dispatcher, suggesting that my reservation be switched to his trip and the other reservation be swapped to the other van so those passengers would know to get on the other van. The dispatcher was extremely rude to the van driver refusing to make a switch, claiming that it was impossible or against policy. As this is an electronic reservation system, I struggle to believe that it was impossible to swap the reservation assignments. This conversation was conducted on speakerphone and the other passengers all commented on how rude the dispatcher treated both the van driver and me. After ending the call, the van driver called dispatch one more time requesting that the other driver be contacted to inform him about the group of 2 still needing picked up. The dispatcher again responded very rudely saying she’d look into it. Upon arrival at the airport I did pay the van driver for the trip as I felt he should not go uncompensated in spite of the refusal of the dispatcher to transfer my PRE-PAID reservation to the van I ended up on.

In essence, I paid two times for our return trip to the airport. I pre-paid $30 (discounted for online, round trip reservation) + $5 tip, then paid again for the full one-way fare for two of $34 + $5 tip. I believe I should receive a refund of the $39 paid the second.  My reservation was #1871698 and that was considered the “no-show” I believe. In addition, I paid the cash one-way reservation #1931991. The trip occurred on van #849. I cannot emphasize how courteous the van driver was, not only with me, but also with the incredibly rude dispatcher who raised her voice to both the van driver and me.

I do acknowledge there should have been further clarification between the driver and me at pickup however the group size matched up and the arrival time was directly in the middle of assigned pickup window. SuperShuttle could have alleviated this situation by providing a confirmation email or text message that informed me of my assigned van number once my reserved has been assigned to a driver instead of only providing a time window (which we were well within). I also find the “no-show” policy very questionable. The dispatcher stated that my driver would be uncompensated for the trip since I was riding the wrong shuttle. At this point in time, SuperShuttle already had my payment of $30 + $5 tip so I see no reason why the driver should go uncompensated when I am unable to be refunded in the event of the “no-show”. Apparently SuperShuttle pockets the entire fee plus tip? I find that to be quite unfair to the drivers.”

I’ll be sure to update with resolution of this situation.

Update 4/15/13:

I must applaud SuperShuttle for their prompt response this afternoon. I received a phone call from a very friendly customer service rep who was very apologetic for how the situation was handled and wanted to know what she could do to resolve the situation. I am pleased to report that SuperShuttle is refunding the second payment I was forced to make and that the rep offered to send me a voucher for a future reservation. Thanks SuperShuttle and I look forward to giving you guys another shot!