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It’s over. Lousiville vanquished Michigan Monday night. Rick Pitino became the first coach to win a national championship with 2 different programs. The news has been blowing up with players making decisions about whether to stay in school or declare for the NBA draft and the coaching carousel is in full swing! Everyone is moving on to next year. CBS Sports has already published their “Way-Too-Early” Top 25 and 1 preseason ranking for next year.

But do you really care about that? Nope, you probably want to know who the winners are.

And without further adieu!

 Tie for first place between @cmcniece  (myself) and joshuab2121  (he opted out of the prizes). Then the various other winners trickle down below. Louisville coming through helped a lot of people, and really hurt some others sending evilmick tumbling from first to fifteenth place! (ouch). To see the entire list of winners, click HERE


Time for prizes!!! I need to hear from joshuab2121  first then we’ll be moving down the line (katie64093, @HeatherinIN, and @alison_oaktree are next). If anyone defers we’ll be sure to go further down the list. As a reminder the prizes are as follows:


Again, contact me on twitter or on the blog to make your selections!