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It’s been a whirlwhind two weeks and ONLY 4 TEAMS REMAIN.


(1) Louisville  vs (9?!?) Wichita State

Who saw the Shockers making this run? I sure didn’t. Based on what the intelligent people say (that is those who get paid to write about college basketball), the Shockers had best regional from which to make a run, toppling a supposedly weak Gonzaga en route to upending what had looked like a dominant Ohio State team. Louisville has been Louisville and is crushing people. They reacted well following the devastating compound fracture suffered by Kevin Ware, but it will be interesting to see how much the adrenaline has stayed with the team a week after the injury. I’m still predicting a Louisville but I wouldn’t be Shocked to see Wichita State pull off the upset. And if Wichita State can pull more wins out of the magic hat, well they’ll become the lowest seed to ever win. I’ve got Louisville winning in my bracket plus everyone loves an underdog so as long as I see a good game, I’ll be thrilled.

(4) Syracuse vs (4) Michigan

Michigan’s first time in the Final Four in 20 years. Syracuse making Jim Boeheim look like an evil genius who just invented the zone offense stymieing the offense of every opponent. I like forward to seeing Michigan’s dynamic offense tackle the gauntlet that is the Syracuse zone defense. I had Syracuse in the Final Four in my bracket making the championship against Louisville so they’ve got my vote. Enough about the silly games and back to the brackets! Needless to say, with 3 of the number 1 teams eliminated, Florida Gulf Coast University Dunk City making a second weekend run, and the Shockers Shocking, the majority of brackets look like garbage. evilmick256 has been near the top of the leaderboards for the majority of the tournament but his run is about over. points possible remaining (ppr) is going to make it difficult for him to remain on top with only a 40 point lead. I (McNasty) am currently tied for second after starting out middle of the pack and slowly climbing my way back up. joshuab2121 is right there with me, but I’ve got an extra 160 ppr so it looks like things are mine to win or lose. katie64093, HeatherinIN, and alison_oaktree round out the next group with essentially the same ppr so it looks like we may have some ties at the top. Remember, there are 4 prizes available for the winners to select from (or defer to other players down the line).


I’m going to have a bit of a difficult time catching games this weekend as I’m leaving for the annual AudiologyNOW convention run by AAA. I’ll be in Anaheim through Sunday which may make catching a game on Saturday evening difficult as there are so many things to do and so many people to see, but you can bet I’ll be watching the championship.


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