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Spring has sprung, and then means one thing, it’s time for the American Academy of Audiology’s annual AudiologyNOW convention which has grown into probably the biggest exclusively audiology conference in the states. Last year’s conference in Boston was my first experience and I loved it. I attended last years conference and am attending this as part of my responsibilities on the NSSLHA executive council. I’ll be repping NSSLHA at the ASHA Booth (#373) in the exhibit hall.

At the both, there will be several members of the NSSLHA Executive Council who will love to chat with any students who stop by. We’ll also be assisting various ASHA National Office staff in chatting with “grown up” audiologists. I’ll be splitting my time between the booth and other various activities. One activity I’m extremely excited about is the SAA CSI mini conference on Wednesday. This day long event features some incredibly well known and renowned audiologists presenting case studies and working with students on analyzing the clinical decision making process. Presenters include: Harvey Abrams, Jay Hall, Rene Gifford, and Richard Roberts among others.

There are also plenty of educational sessions Thursday-Saturday to take in. Explore the convention guide and online session planner. There are some sessions highlighted as student focused. These may be of interest but don’t limit yourself only to these sessions. Students are definitely welcome throughout the conference.

Don’t forget to make time to come by the Exhibit Hall. Fit the current/future audiologist, the exhibit hall is like Christmas morning (except you don’t get to the everything home with you) and there are plenty of opportunities to learn about new products, devices, and technology. It’s easy to spend hours in the hall and it can be incredibly educational as well. Obviously you should come see me at the ASHA Booth (#373). Eve got lots of information about ASHA and NSSLHA including information about certification and scholarship opportunities. We’re also excited to announce that Kathy Pruner from ETS will be conducting several information sessions about the new Praxis exam.

Praxis Information Sessions (ASHA Booth #373)

Thursday, April 4

       · 11:35 – 11:55 AM

       · 2:45 – 3:05 PM

Friday, April 5

      · 11:10 – 11:30 AM

      · 2:35 – 2:55 PM

You can also play a little trivia game and we’ll be giving away FLASH DRIVES to participants packed chock full of audiology resources and information from the ASHA National Office.


Another exciting part of convention is the after hours events thrown by many of the sponsoring companies. This years events include an Oticon party and benefit concert featuring The Bangles (Walk Like an Egyptian and Manic Monday among other great 80s hits!). Make sure to go by the Oticon booth and RSVP and pick up your pass for the concert.


Friday night, you’ll have a few choices. There is an event sponsored by AudigyGroup and Starkey featuring Journey* (* = cover band) and a DJ. Swing by the Audigy Booth to RSVP for that event or follow this link. Gn Resound is also hosting an event, Momentous!, at House of Blues in Downtown Disney. There is also going to be some type of live band at the event as well. Decision, decisions! Either way you can’t go wrong. These are great opportunities to get some free food, meet people and network, and have an overall good time.

Some of you may be wondering, “Wait a minute, why is Caleb, a big ASHA and NSSLHA supporter, doing at this AAA conference supporting AAA?” Well let me let you in on a little secret. It’s okay to be a part of more than professional organization. I know there are some people who have very strong feelings regarding AAA, ASHA, and ADA, however I still find great benefit from ASHA and NSSLHA. I also find tremendous benefit from AAA and ADA. Different organizations have different strengths and weaknesses, take advantage of the many facets of the organizations and the strengths they can provide you.