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LONG time no blog. Sorry for the delay. I feel I kind of underwent the new blogger burn out that seems to happen. (My friend Tina just wrote a post about that same experience and I would echo her sentiments) it was nothing intentional, just something that happened and went on longer and longer. Well I’m back, ready to give this another go. I’m a little over a month(two months now, this has been a draft for a while) into my final semester of classes. This is one of my more reading intensive semesters I’ve had in a while with several articles per week per class to read. My clinic placements are very interesting as well, I’m at a private practice doing APD assessments one day a week and also getting coordinate our adult aural rehabilitation course and helping create and launch a speech reading course a few clients have requested from our clinic.

One of the things I’m most looking forward to is in May when I’ll be beginning my 4th year externship! Finally the end is in sight! I’ll be working at a local ENT practice that currently has 4 physicians (and is adding a 5th soon who is supposedly bringing a decent number of pediatric patients YAY) with 3 audiologists and 2 locations. There is a busy hearing aid side to the practice in conjunction with diagnostic support, electrophysiologic and vestibular assessment for the physicians.

I want to encourage all my fellow students out there to focus on the impression and effort they put forth into their offsite clinical rotations. I had a placement at this clinic in the fall of 2010, nearly 3 yards ago. When I contacted the audiologist who had been my supervisor, I learned she had recently retired, however she remembered me and felt I would be a good for for the practice and contacted the business manager to put in a good word on my behalf. Lo and behold when I spoke to the business manager, she actually REMEMBERED me from my time there. She told me that after I left, I had several patients I had seen who made positive comments when they returned at a later point about my interactions with them.  I was very pleasantly surprised to hear this but feel that it led to part of the reason the practice was interested in taking me on as an extern. I know many individuals leave the town of their programs but for those who don’t and are possibly interested in an externship at one of your local clinical placements, make every effort to have a positive existence, not only between the audiologists and staff and you but also between the clients and you. Even as students we can leave an impact on their experience.