There are a TON of student organizations out there which students can belong to. I’m going to attempt to list the major ones out there. Let me know if I leave any off. Personally, I think all of these organizations have strengths and weaknesses. There are benefits to be had from all of them. My advice would be to not restrict yourself to one organization early in your career. Take your time, get active and involved, and take everything with a grain of salt. The last thing audiology needs is more division in the field. I think we are shooting ourselves in the foot at times.

In alphabetical order…

Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA)

  • Open to graduate students with strong emphasis on private practice and professional autonomy
  • Free student membership sponsored by Oticon or $25 annually
  • Online virtual student chapter
  • Opportunity to attend the annual ADA conference (scholarships/travel stipends available)

National Student Speech Language Hearing Association

  • Open to undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral students enrolled full- or part-time in a communication sciences program or related major.
  • $60 annually w/$10 membership in ASHA special interest groups available
  • Digital subscription to AJA, AJSLP, JSLHR, LSHSS, CICSD and print subscription to ASHA Leader and NSSLHA Now
  • Discounted ASHA Convention registration and volunteer opportunities for free registration
  • Discounted ASHA Membership conversion
  • Student leadership opportunities at the local chapter and National executive council level
  • Additional benefits listed online

Student Academy of Audiology

  •  Open to all graduate audiology students (Undergrads can join local chapters and affiliate national membership for $40, just can’t vote or hold office)
  • $60 annually
  • JAAA digital subscription and Audiology Today print subscription
  • Discounted AudiologyNOW Convention registration and volunteer opportunities for free registration
  • Discounted AAA Membership conversion
  • Student leadership opportunities at the local chapter and National board level
  • Additional Benefits on the website

I have heard complaints about memberships being expensive from students in the past. If you amortize the cost over a year, that is just $10/month for both NSSLHA and SAA. This is an early investment in your future and in my opinion, is entirely worth it. That’s just the price of a couple drinks, coffees, or Taco Bell runs.

ADA, NSSLHA, and SAA are the “BIG THREE” when it comes to Audiology student organizations (with ADA, ASHA, and AAA being the respective “parent” organizations). There are also state associations which can be useful especially if you attend state conferences. Also many of the research groups also have smaller organizations. One that I would strongly recommend is the American Auditory Society which offers a complimentary (FREE!) student membership and subscription to the Ear and Hearing Journal. Once you begin receiving the journal you can register for electronic access which also gives you digital access to back issues of the journal. VERY useful for research papers and projects, not to mention very current research. I would also recommend a subscription to “The Hearing Journal.” This is a trade journal, not a peer reviewed publication, but also has good articles and insight into current trends. This is also a free subscription I would highly recommend.

For you international types out there, I know that CASLPA and the BAA are both active groups.

Let me know if I forgot anyone.


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